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Yes, this week is #Hamvention; and Yes, it really is that big of a deal!  It’s the Largest Ham Radio Event-Worldwide and we’re gonna be there!  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are well aware of the yearly event in Ohio hosted by DARA and it’s new venue!  The upcoming 2017 Hamvention will be held in Xenia Ohio this year at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. 

*Special Announcement: Hamvention Parking Hacks!!!!
Talk-in and Info Bulletin
Parking/Shuttle Service

The fellas and I catch up (during a deluge in SC) on the ins and outs of our plans for Hamvention 2017.  What will the guys buy this year?  Who will we talk to and what does the future hold for HamRadio 360?

And before you ask: yes we plan to release a daily re-cap podcast just like last year!

Booth 6501-6502 (in the big tent)

HR360/WB Forum:
Room 2.
2:45pm Saturday!

Hamvention 2017 Program (Food on pg. 19)

Stuart (KB1HQS) Review of Packtenna

Our Past Shows on Hamvention!

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MTC Is on the Grounds!  Flea Market 8317-8321

Find Elecraft at booth: 1707-1711






PowerPole the World – KF5JNU

We’ll See Y’all There!

73, K4CDN

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